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GerrieWESCO Distribution Canada is more than just an electrical distributor -- we're a leader in industrial supply.  Our procurement specialists lower costs, increase efficiency and save energy.  Industry leaders trust our ability to deliver value, service and results that exceed expectations.  WESCO is your one-stop shop for electrical and MRO products.
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Astra Zeneca logoAs a biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca's activities touch many people's lives.  Beyond the medicines we provide, we recognize that reducing our carbon footprint will also improve the health of Canadians today and in the future.  Participating in this program is a simple way to help ensure the wellbeing of Canadians and our environment.
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Industrial Electrial Contractors Limited is committed to environmentally sustainable practices in the electrical trade. The RCO's Take Back the Light Program proves to make this practice easier and in turn assists us in passing on the benefits of environmentally sustainable practices to our customers.

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